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Adventurous and challenging bicycle expeditions


  • The Andes Trail (Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina)
  • Tour d'Olympia (Greece)
  • La Bella Italia (Italy)
  • Les Dix Alpes (Switzerland, France, Spain)
  • Le Grande Boucle des Pyrenees (France, Spain)
  • The Great Divide (Canada, US)
  • The Classics (Belgium, France)

Bike-Dreams organises adventurous and challenging bicycle expeditions for enthusiastic cyclists from all around the world. We started in the autumn of 2006 to organise “Paris-Dakar by Bike”, an expedition of 7.200 kilometers. A group of 21 persons cycled in ten weeks all the way between Paris and Dakar. We went back to the Senegalese capital in 2007 and 2009. In between we started to organise more expeditions like “La Bella Italia”, “Les Dix Alpes”, “Tour d'Olympia” and the “West-Africa Tour”, but “The Andes Trail” is definitely the most challenging. 11.000 kilometers through, over and along the longest mountain range in the world. We have planned a new expedition in 2013 in the Rocky Mountains of North-America, called “The Great Divide”. We got cyclists from all around the world in the first years of our existence. Males and females. Ages between 18 and 65. Plumbers, doctors, housewives, lawyers, retired persons, bank employees, students and everything in between. It were fascinating years with many great moments, exciting stories and we got to know wonderful people. You can be one of them....