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Riding alpine trails in high alpine regions, true enduro experience
High alpine panormamic views in one of the most beautiful regions of the alps



On the saddle of your bike you will find the true sensations that nature has to offer;  mountain biking in the mountain is not an extreme sport or just for the athletes, so why not try a new approach to this sport, in the mountains.  Cervinia and Valtournenche as in many of the resorts of Aosta Valley, have invested heart and soul and strongly believe in this sporting activity, the silence of nature where the only noise is that of your wheels over the terrain.  

Cyclists will enjoy the numerous trails especially created for the mountain bike enthusiasts, both cross-country and downhill trails.  The Aosta Valley area is ideal with it's natural trails, glacial rivers and pastures; long trails for day excursions or why not take a tour of various days to be organised with your instructor. A must is the numerous slow bike trails, not physically trying but the sensations are neverending.  

Much appreciated and ever-increasing in the area of Breuil-Cervinia and Valtournenche are the "family trails" for those trying the discipline for the first time or for families.  The area is also renown for it's "Bike Park" realised in 2010; trails that are ideal for all and that are signposted with the difficulty of each trail, permitting all to try the downhill discipline.  An important point of interest is the equipment hire in the area, with sporting shops that specialise in the sector equipped with all that's necessary to face this adventure. The bike park trails start at Cime Bianche Laghi (trail 2 and mtb family) at 2,900 m asl in a moonscape environment continuing down to the lovely pastures alongside the "Ventina" winter run. From Plan Maison at 2,500 m asl under the Matterhorn you will find freeride trails (trail 1, easy trail) and mtb family.  There are two cable cars that take you to the departure of the trails permitting a rapid return to restart the adventure all over again!

Great news for mountain bike fans in Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche this Summer 2013:  Weather conditions permitting it will be possible to ascend with the cable cars to the glacier of Plateau Rosà. Here the Maxiavalanche trail descends down to Cervinia, over 10 km over moraines and meadows;  an experience that numerous participants of the international competition attempt only once a year, this year the contest will be held on the 20th and 21st July 2013.

Breuil-Cervinia downhill and cross-country trails technical details:


  • Trail 1 A and B Plan Maison – Breuil-Cervinia
    Length:  approx. 3,300 m
    Technical difficulty:  intermediate
    Altitude difference:  - 450 m
    Lift systems ascent time (max): 15 mins
    Mtb: DH - Enduro

Intermediate level trail, ideal for those whom have a good technique of the downhill discipline.  Along the trail numerous drops and parabolic curves and variants in the trail to try over.


  • Trail 2 – Cime Bianche Laghi – Breuil-Cervinia
    Length:  approx. 7,000 m
    Technical difficulty:  intermediate
    Altitude difference:  - 781 m
    Lift systems ascent time (max):  20 mins
  • Mtb:  Enduro

Intermediate level trail, ideal for the freeride enthusiasts with technical aspects.  Man-made structures completing the technical spects of the course.


  • Trail Plateau Rosà - Breuil-Cervinia
    Length: approx. 10,000 m
    Technical difficulty: intermediate
    Altitude difference: - 1,500 m
    Lift systems ascent time (max): 35-40 mins
    Mtb:  Enduro

Start at Plateau Rosà glacier at 3,480 m asl, a unique and spectacular location, trail duration approx 45 minutes.

  • Easy trail
    Length:  approx. 4,000 m
    Technical difficulty:  easy
    Altitude difference:  - 450 m
    Lift systems ascent time (max):  15 mins
  • Mtb:  Enduro - XC

Ideal for those that are trying downhill for the first time.  Easy passages and artificial bumps guaranteeing from the second time round an improvement of the principals of mountain biking in the mountain.


  • Alta Quota
    Length:  approx. 8,000 m
    Technical difficulty:  easy/intermediate
    Altitude difference:  + 500 m
  • Mtb:  Enduro - XC

Various trails along the country roads and hiking trails.  These trails are ideal for those that have a good technique and a fair physical preparation, reaching high altitudes with your mountain bike.  

  • Enchanting Promoron
    Length:  approx. 16,000 m return
    Technical difficulty:  easy
    Altitude difference:  +400 m
  • Mtb:  XC

A unique trail with only a small altitude difference ideal for families with children, to discover some of the most beautiful and tranquil areas in Valtournenche.  

La Manda trail
The Manda trail starts just under the chairlift "Motta" near the arival station of the cable car Salette and crosses over the pastures between Cime Bianche and the roads that lead to the stables of the "Mande".  The trail has a positive altitude difference of a few hundred metres.  Once you reach the road you can choose between continuing on to the "vertice" where a display of the hydroelectric works of the area will soon be opening and where you will find a small glass chapel.  Here the old railway passed, used to construct the dam of Goillet, now a trail that arrives to connect with the freeride trails of Breuil-Cervinia.  Alternatively at the road of the stables, descend to Perréres to the panoramic track Promoron then descend down to the arrival station of the cable car to complete the circuit known as the "cyclebalcony of Cervino".

Baracon trail
The trail starts at the arrival station of the cable car and follows the dirt road with some difficult ascents and arrives at the bar - restaurant of the same name.  Return along the track nr 107 pedalling to the cable car.  The trail is short and difficult but you can join up to the road at Laviel in the area of Cime Bianche.